Business re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering (“BPR”) is focused on improving the profitability of your business. As the market place rapidly changes, processes and procedures of yesterday are no longer appropriate. In order to remain competitive and indeed survive, your business needs to have the flexibility to respond to market forces and rapidly adapt.

why crest capital?

At Crest Capital we have deep experience in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes improve profitability.

We have a history of assisting organisations to identify the risks to business sustainability and profitability which places us in a unique position to assist you in identifying exactly where your business needs to change and more importantly, how to achieve this change.

BPR involves a radical rethink and design of core business processes in order to improve productivity and quality thereby improving profit. Whilst BPR involves a complete rethink of how you deliver your product to market, it is often the case that a number of incremental changes can radically improve quality, service and profit. The emphasis of BPR is firmly customer focused. Through taking a holistic view of your business it is possible to eliminate unproductive processes and layers. This is achieved through creating cross functional teams thereby eliminating business silos and the use of technology to improve decision making.

We approach a BPR from a profit improvement perspective meaning we do not lose sight of the current market challenges facing the business.

You are assured of an experienced director-led process; due to the intensity of the process, our directors do not take on more than one BPR at a time.

If you believe your business should and could improve its bottom line but are tied-up with that daily routine of “putting out fires” then speak to us.

Our directors have expertise in assisting companies in improving the returns to shareholders. Through hard-earned personal experience, they are acutely aware of the actions required in order to improve returns by maximising the use of available resources.

We follow a practical approach to our reviews rather than being totally procedure and process orientated. This results in practical small steps to incrementally improve profit.

We are experienced at assessing the risks involved in a business which enables us to identify and, if possible, mitigate the risk of any changes to be made to the business.