Business recovery and rescue

Is your business failing or suffering from cash flow challenges?

There are a number of approaches to take when faced with a struggling or failing business. These range from an informal business turnaround to business rescue and, if all else either fails or is inappropriate in your circumstance, liquidation. All have their merits and pitfalls. The issue is to understand your options, both at a company level and personal level, before making a decision. We can assist in the decision making process and thereafter help you through the recovery process.

why crest capital?

As we have corporate finance experience we pride ourselves in our financial engineering skills to arrive at the best structure for the turnaround of the business.

Our Directors have been involved in supporting businesses through challenging economic conditions both locally and internationally.

One of our directors is a licenced senior business rescue practitioner who has been involved with distressed businesses since 1993.

Our ability to apply financial engineering to any business allows us to apply this knowledge to distressed businesses in order to arrive at a win-win for all stakeholders.

We are known in the financial markets and have access to capital.

We can assist with:

  • independent Business Reviews (IBR’s) which are often required by debt funders or independent shareholders. We will tailor our review to your specific needs which may involve a high level view of the business and its management to an in-depth analysis of all areas of the business from its markets, products, people, processes, capital structure and risk;
  • working capital management where we assist in ensuring that proper controls are maintained over the current assets of the business, most importantly cash, to ensure that the business can trade out of a cash flow squeeze. This could entail arranging short term funding;
  • restructuring and rationalisation involving a critical assessment of the businesses operations to ascertain what needs to change to improve profitability and cashflow;
  • a controlled wind-down to effectively shut down the business without any comeback to the owners;
  • a compromise with creditors in a situation where the business remains viable but cannot trade out of its current predicament;
  • business rescue where the immediate protection of the company from legal action is required. We approach business rescue from a “speed of execution” perspective; the quicker the rescue can be completed the better the potential outcome for all involved. We believe in a collaborative approach working closely with management and shareholders, and
  • liquidation where the business has no future. We are not insolvency practitioners but we will advise on the process and assist during the liquidation proceedings.