Business acquisition advisory

Acquiring complementary businesses can be a very effective way to grow your company rapidly, improve profitability through economies of scale and give your business access to new products, markets and geographies. Business acquisitions can indeed be a catalyst for the creation of significant value for shareholders.

why crest capital?

The acquisition process calls for a diverse skill-set with an advisor needing to be a master in valuations, due diligence, negotiations, risk assessment and much more. Crest’s directors are considered experts in each of the disciplines which form part of the acquisition process.

However, badly planned or executed acquisitions can have exactly the opposite effect with managements’ time and shareholders’ capital being wasted on the pursuit of acquisitions which never achieve the anticipated returns. “Deal fever” can cloud the judgement of even the most seasoned acquirer, which can lead to deals being concluded on irrational terms and at unjustifiably high prices.

The Crest Team has the experience and expertise to guide you through the entire acquisition process from the development of your acquisition strategy to post-acquisition integration.

Our vast network of business owners and advisors allows us to identify potential acquisition candidates for your business.

The Crest Team has advised clients on the acquisition of a multitude of diverse businesses. As a result of our vast experience, we know what makes some acquisitions succeed and others fail and we can guide you through the entire acquisition process to ensure your acquisitions create value for shareholders, rather than destroy it.

We have the experience to assist with the integration of the new business into your existing structure through assisting with strategic alignment with the “mother ship” to business reorganisation in order to maximise returns.