In an ever changing and increasingly competitive environment, the need to have clear business goals is imperative. The luxury of maintaining a competitive edge by repeating yesterday’s successful formula is long gone. Businesses must learn to constantly change in order to survive, let alone remain at the forefront of industry.

Business owners are often faced with a conundrum – do we grow organically or is it time to take a quantum leap through acquisition – the classic BBB conundrum, build, buy or borrow. This is the time to call in Crest to assist you in designing a clear and concise strategy.

We will assist you with your strategy formulationin order to achieve a competitive advantage. You will be left with a clear framework and action plan that will set the path to the anticipated results. Our work will include the development of a strategic plan, an action plan including strategic initiatives and a communication plan. We guide the development of the process using:

  • proven strategy facilitation and process mapping methods (systems thinking, brown papering),
  • critical analysis tools (Porter’s 5 Forces, PEST(LE), BCG Matrix, SWOT analysis, scenario planning),
  • development tools (Norton & Kaplan balanced scorecards, strategy mapping), and communication planning,

to ensure that there is organisation-wide understanding and buy-in to the strategic goals.
Following the formulation of the plan we will agree an implementation strategy with you. We also offer a periodic monitoring service to ensure that your strategic intent remains front of mind.
Why Crest Capital...

  • We have facilitated and developed strategy plans for businesses, large and small, NGO’s and public benefit organisations.
  • We do not adopt an academic or consultancy approach – we will keep the process simple, relevant and practical.
  • We do not leave you in the lurch once a plan is developed but will work tirelessly alongside your team to ensure that the strategy remains relevant and is fully implemented.
  • We adopt a “strategy = business as usual” approach to ensure that your strategic goals are not left on the shelf gathering dust.